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::New game to begin SOON-Reserve your place now!::|::V:IQ is looking for GMs on both Human and Vampire side, please fill out an application on the page!::|::Events coming this month: "The Drums of War" - Date to be announced::


Welcome to Vampire: Infinite Quest! An RPG based on the war between Vampyria and Humanopolis.

May 15, 2006
The test is over and everything should work fine, everyone who participated in the testing will be receiving some rare items, and a big thanks from me for helping out with this. 
  Sign ups are still on so hurry and get your character!  -DeadRaven (Master GM, Admin)

April 23, 2006
  The beta game has begun, feel free to join in at any time! -DeadRaven (Master GM, Admin)

April 17, 2006
   The new rules are posted and most links complete. The board for the game is done and now all I need is some beta testers. I'll test the game out for a few weeks before releaseing it. 
  -All Beta Testers will receive a special weapon at the start of the official game. Create Account to join-
-DeadRaven (Master GM, Admin)



NEW WEAPONS- More weapons and armor than you could dream of have been added into the GM database, all for the release of the game...

Coming soon....
Vampire Goddess Event (vampires)
The Slaying (humans)
Drums of War (vampires/humans)

Maintenance Times:
Every Sunday (EST)

An artist is needed to draw a few pictures to use on this site. In interested please contact...