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***All Applications will be reviewed***
By submitting, you automatically agree to these terms: 
1. If appointed to Game Master position in Vampire: Infinite Quest, you assure that you will referee games in a reasonable manner to the extent of your abilities.
2. You will only Referee in the boards you are told too.
3. You will not, under any circumstance, allow or overlook cheating by V:IQ players and GMs.
4. You will not have any other character in the game as your time in GM (If you already have one, we will reserve it for you)
5. You assure the staff you will Referee for at least a month, if you wish to revoke your duty will will give notice two weeks in advance.
6. Know that if a player reports a complaint about you, it will be looked into the fullest extent.
7. Follow all the rules and guidelines to the game.

Name: *
E-mail Address: *
How long have you been playing V:IQ: *
What other text rpgs have you played (AD&D etc.): *
How many times have you played as a GM in any other game? *
Did you enjoy it? Did players enjoy it? *
Now to test your GMing skills. A Player attacks a dragon, but it has no effect and the dragon in turn attacks him. Write this situation as if you were GMing: *
A Player makes it to the top of a scenic mountain, after a long struggle. Describe the scene: *
A Player is killed by a horde of skeletons. Describe the incident: *
Would you rather GM on Vampire side or Human side: *

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