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QUICK START TO PLAY Play by Message Board RPGs/V:IQ
--This guide is to help confused, new players. The Rules must be read too. Though this is based off the rules, it does not count as replacement for them--

Being a part of a PBMB RPG can be a bit confusing at first, especially if you've never played one before or used Message Boards before. So, lets go over the basics.


    A post, or thread, is what you create in order to do diffrent actions in this world. Once your charecter is logged in, and your in your town's board, click on the link that says New Thread to make one of these.


    This game, like most PBMB RPGs reccomends you keep track of your threads for easy updates. To do this, go into the thread you which to bookmark to your account, and click the bookmark button on the left hand corner. You can check your bookmarks in your profile.


    To reply, go to the thread and click the reply button.


Now, in V:IQ, there are 5 actions you can do. Talk, Quest, Area, Shop, and Learn Spell.


    Talking is simple. Go into your town's board and make a new thread. When talking, your subject can be anything, but should be related to your post. Enter your message to everyone in your Message spot. To reply to someone's talk just click the reply button in their thread.


    SOLO QUESTING In the GM POST that is kept on the top of every town's page, there is a list of available quests. To go on one of these quests, click New Thread in your town's board. In the subject enter this:  QUEST: (insert quest name here)  . In the Message section, write what armor/weapons you will be using for this quest. You cannot change this in the middle of your quest.
    GROUP QUESTING Any quest in the GM POST that has an "X" following it means you MUST go with a group on the quest. To do this, it is wise to speak in your town and find out who else would like to do this quest, or, look for a thread of a group starting it (that hasn't started yet) and join in!
    Once you have a group figured out, have one person make a thread with QUEST: (insert quest name here) in the subject. In the Message, post what armor/weapons you will be using during this quest. All your group members must REPLY to this message before a GM does with what armor/weapons they are using.


    If you wish to go exploring, make a new thread. Type AREA: (insert area name here) in the subject and what weapon/armor you'll be using on your exploration. A list of available areas are kept in the GM POST at the top of each page.


    To visit the shop, make a new thread. type SHOP in the subject and a GM will reply.


    If you have gained a Learn Scroll from anywhere, you can learn the spell in town. Make a new thread and in the subject put LEARN SPELL. In the message type what scroll you are reading and a GM will reply comfirming your learning.

Now, keep in mind, only ONE of these must be done at a time. Except for Talking, you can talk whenever you want, even if your on a quest.


Switching Locations will be done in order to progress in the game. To switch to another town Privite Message a GM requesting your switch, then wait until the GM replys and confirms your switch. Until confirmation, you are still in your last town.


Events happen every now and then and are set up by the Master GM. To partake in an event simply sign up the way it says. If you sign up, you will be in the event until its over or you are out. you will not be able to post in any town unless the Event says otherwise, while it's going on.