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Version 1.4   

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       Note: This game is NOT a MMORPG, it's a Play by Message Board or Play by Post RPG, that means game-play is similar to an ongoing story. We use our imagination instead of button clicking. Leveling up and experience and such may be similar to that of other online games, but if your looking for a MMO, we recommend you check out other games, thanks!

Your character:
 Your character can have two different races: Vampires and Humans. In the world of IQ, they have been warring for centuries, the Humans forcing the Vampires into hiding, until 5 years go, they have made they’re own continent and declared peace between them. The peace remained for 5 years, until the Humans declared unconditional war upon the Vampires, who were caught trying to unleash their plague upon the Human lands.

Warrior: This class relies mostly on physical strength and hard hitting powers. Most magic is used to help defense or increase attack.
Mage: This class relies mostly on magic. Both offensive and defensive.
Assasin: Only available to vampires. Assassins lurk in the shadows, and are stealth based.
Warlocks: Only available to humans. A mix of Warrior class and super powerful spells.

Weapon and Magic Profs:
In Character creation you can chose your profs. This gives you extra skill with the weapons or magic of your choice. While not limited to these types, they can help out. There are hundreds of weapon types in the game but only 9 are available for profs.

Your stats are: Level, Defense, Attack. Defense depends on your level and armor. Attack your weapon and level. These can be changed by equipping different items, raising levels or using certain spells.

Health, Mana and Inventory:
Throughout your adventures you will get in many battles. Every time you get hit your will loose a certain amount of health. This depends on the enemy attack and your defense. Every time you use a spell your Mana goes down. If you pick up items, they are stored in your inventory. Your inventory is limited to 10 items and goes up as you progress in level. Your Health raises with every trip back to town. It will not raise in a quest or area unless you use potions or a healing spell or having some magical equipment.

In town actions:
Your race determines which world you enter, Vampyria, land of the vampires and Humanopolis, land of the Humans. In each world there are several places for you to enter. Within in these places there are 4 options you can choose, this is to separate these posts from speak posts so a GM can help you move along.

                SPEAK: To speak, just simply post a message in the place you are at. Often, GMs will take the role of NPCs and reply within your conversations.

                QUEST: A list of quests are kept in a GM post at the top of each location page, to enter one of these type “QUEST: (quest name)” In the subject field. Your Quest will be completed by you and a GM replying to each other on that thread. So keep track of it! You can return to town from a quest as long as you are not in a battle and have a clear way out. Your first post should state what armor and weapon you will have. (this cannot change until you return to town). The GMs first reply will be a description of the quest, and you can either accept, decline, or change equipment and accept.

                AREA: Go to a specific area to fight monsters, train, or maybe even find some secret items. A list of Areas are kept at the GM post. To go put “AREA: (area name)” in title. Your adventure will be kept in that post, just like questing. You can leave an area by telling the GM in the post that you head back to town, but you may not leave in the middle of a fight. Your first post should state what armor and weapon you will have. (this cannot change until you return to town)

                SHOP: simply type SHOP in subject to enter the shop.

               LEARN SPELL: If you gained a Learn Scroll you can type this and type the scroll in your first post to read it and add a spell to your spell list.

***Your first post in a quest or area must state what armor and weapon you are using from your inventory***

Only one of these (Excluding speak) May be done one at a time. If you are found cheating this rule your account will be removed immediately.

Switching Locations:
 To Switch Locations, you must message a GM in your Location (A list will be kept of this as well) and he/she will reply confirming your location switch. Do not assume you’ve switched locations until you get the reply. This is to prevent
people from being at three places at once. If your caught cheating this rule, your account will be deleted without question. 

X-Quests/Party Quests:
If a Quest has an X next to it in the GM post, it requires a party of 2 or more to start. To do this, arrange which one of you will post the QUEST post, and then the other party members reply with your weapon and armor before a GM replies. If the Quest starts and one member hasn't replied, it is too late.
Though X-Quests require it, any quest can work this way, simply follow the same rules.

In this game Magic falls into 6 categories: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Pure and Tainted. Fire and Water are mostly offensive spells, Wind and Earth defensive. Pure is only available to Humans and is a combination of both. Tainted is only available to Vampires. 
You can use spells several ways. Scrolls will be available throughout the game, and they will appear as: Type (Spell) Scroll. Like this: Water (Heal) Scroll.
To use a scroll, simply state you use a scroll from your inventory. Once used it will be gone.
You can also learn spells you gain at certain levels or from quests. To use these type that you want to use them. They will deplete your mana.
Scrolls that teach you spells appear like this Type (spell) Learn Scroll. Example: Water (Heal) Learn Scroll.
Tell the GM you read the scroll and you gain that spell.

The war:
A main point of this game is the war between humans and vampires, these battles will take place in events that happen about 3 times a month. They will be made on separate boards and rules will be posted in the GM post. They usually last from a few days to a few weeks, and once you are signed into an event you are not allowed to report back to your town until a you’ve died or have been put out for some reason. (A GM will contact you when this has happened). Usually Only one post a day is allowed by each member, breaking this will result in account deletion. A high number of GMs are always active during Events.   

Sooner or later you will die in an event or adventure. The rules for death go that you simply loose the quest or adventure, or are booted from a event from dying (depending on event rules).

Maintenance Mode:
As with any Online RPG, maintenance is key. Will will try to keep you posted as to when scheduled Maintenance Mode is too take place. During this time, only staff will be able to log in. We clean out old threads and update the boards with new areas and events, usually this happens about once every two weeks.

GMs (game masters) run the games and are there to assist you if you have any problems. Because this is a Message Board RPG, it is run by actual people, not a program. All GMs are experienced in Text-Based RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons and have good writing skills.
If you find a GM not being fair, report it to a Master GM,, who will look into it. GMs are either on the Vampire side or Human side. Master GMs rule over everyone.
V:IQ is constantly looking for new GMs, and if you’re a dedicated player with proved skills, we will invite you to post an application as a GM for the game.  

If you noticed a player cheating or GM overlooking such actions, or being unfair PLEASE post a report by messaging a Master GM with your issue. Every report will be looked into anonymously.

If you are caught cheating, one of the following actions will be taken depending on the severity of the offense. Suspension: Your account will be suspended from the game for a certain amount of days. Locked: Your character will be locked to only being able to post speak in your area for a certain amount of days. And lastly Deletion: Your account will be deleted and you will not be allowed to sign up again.